Odoo CRM is the right tool for your


What is Odoo CRM?

Odoo CRM is a customer-centric tool that helps you manage leads, forecasts, and opportunities in one place. It is focused on what matters: Closing Opportunities.

  • Keep opportunities within view.
  • Never miss out on a follow-up.
  • Effortless communication means no miscommunication.
  • Attractive quotations.
  • Turn reporting data into money.

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Main Features

Leads Management

Automatically generate leads from emails, social media, calls, website visitors, support tickets, and events.

Leads Nurturing

Create automated email campaigns tailored to lead segments and activities. Use marketing modules to boost lead acquisition such as SEO, form builders, and A/B testing.

URL trackers

Track the origin of your leads accurately, make sure to use UTM trackers in all of your marketing campaigns.

Schedule Meetings

Schedule meetings from the opportunity of customer. Sync with mobile phones and Google calendar.

Customer Preferences

Make it easy to set customer preferences such as language, delivery methods, and financial data. Access a complete history of customer activities, including orders, invoices, opportunities, and total due.


Automatically detect the country, state, and city of your leads based on their visitor IP address.

Activities and calls management

Effectively manage activities and calls by organizing their order and scheduling them for each opportunity, while promptly logging and analyzing them in the opportunity's chat

Plan Next Actions

Organize your daily tasks and prioritize based on important opportunities.

Set up activities

Your calls are queued to ensure seamless task-switching. Use email marketing to convert potential customers into paying customers.


Analyse your opportunities. Keep track of the evolution of your KPI's over time. Get statistics about your sources of leads. Use predefined dashboards or build your own with the advanced reporting engine.


Odoo ERP - Sales app


Converting opportunities into quotes is now a breeze with just a few clicks. Gain a complete overview of the customer's history.

Odoo ERP - Inventory app


Include real-time product availability and delivery status in quotations and orders.

Odoo ERP - Marketing Automation app | Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social Marketing, Events, Survey

Email Marketing

Boosting lead acquisition and nurturing can help to increase the number of qualified prospects and improve the chances of converting them into paying customers.